Women of God, it’s our time to shine!

Author: Pastor Shirley
October 31, 2016

As we move through our busy life with so many things to do and so many people counting on us we sometimes lose our shine.  Losing our shine means we don’t invest into ourselves the time it takes to keep us polished both personally and spiritually.

God desires that we shine for Him, that we never forget the jewel that we are.  That we never get so caught up in the daily grind that it dulls our spirit.  That we never settle for anything than the best that He has for us.  That we don’t allow ourselves to compromise who we are and what we stand for.  That we take time to focus on the woman we are, and how we can be used by God.

Let’s be mindful to give ourselves some “me time” and “God time”.  It’s only God that keeps us going from day to day, he has always been our strength.  Investing time into ourselves will also keep us shining.  So how do we keep ourselves polished both personally and spiritually?

Maybe it’s finding some time to sit quietly in God’s presence, opening up that journal or devotional book that’s been sitting on the nightstand, taking a walk in the park and feeling the air move softly against your cheeks, soaking in a warm bubble bath, attending Bible study class, spending time laughing with your girlfriends or joining a Zumba class.

Whatever it takes to make you shine is worth investing in because you are worth it!