What in the world am I doing?

Author: Pastor George
October 31, 2016

Is that a question that often comes to your mind?  Has the question been stuck in the recesses of your mind?  Well I think I can put some sense to your dilemma.

When we find ourselves out of focus it is usually because we have lost sight of our goals.  Oh, you don’t have any goals?  Well stop, sit down and make some goals for your life.  ‘If you start out not knowing where you are you are going, you will usually end up lost’

I see far too many people who are lost, and living lost lives.  No goals, no sight towards the future, which leads to no hope. Each of us has to make up our minds daily that we are going somewhere and will be accomplishing something.  Our days should be getting better and better and our life goals should get closer and closer. Every day before I go to sleep I ask myself ‘what did I accomplish today?’    Ask yourself; ‘What did I do for God?’ ‘What did I do for someone else today?’ ‘And what did I do for myself today (towards the goals I have)?’  If you can honestly answer each of these questions each day with some act or deed or accomplishment you are on the way.  Remember Jesus said, ‘…that which you did to the least of these you did it unto me…’

So to answer the question… ‘What in the world am I doing? Look over your life and make sure every day you do something for God, do something for someone else, and then do something for yourself.  If you makes these a daily priority in your life then your days will be full, have meaning and purpose. And the world will know you are here!