"It Is What It Is!"

"It Is What It Is!"

Author: Pastor George Noble
September 08, 2020

I do not believe anyone can do anything about the current situation this country and this world is experiencing.  This time is so unusual that everyone can only guess what will be next and how will this all end.  Each time it would appear the problematic pandemic we are experiencing seems to be coming to some closure, the infection cases rise in another region.  So, what is the answer?  I perceive that even in a time like this there are some positive things to consider.  With many stores and restaurants closed or closing, we are not spending as much money outside of the house.  We are not doing as much face to face interaction so the amount of negative activities has to be going down. 

Family members are forced to get along with each other for health and safety reasons. So what may appear on the surface to be bad is may not be so bad after all.  I have often said during economic downtimes like we are experiencing many people figure out how to become wealthy.  Consider those families that took advantage of the Great Depression and even now they are still realizing profits for their future generations.  I would suggest now is the time to start looking at ways to create wealth in your family and for your future.  You might be amazed at how some small investments of your time, talent, and treasures could make a huge difference in your tomorrow. 

There are dreams you have and maybe now is the time to make them a reality.  While we are stuck at home sitting in front of our cell phones, social media pages, computers, play stations, Xboxes, and televisions maybe we should be focusing on developing that gift we have had growing inside of us.  Is it developing your grandmother’s sweet potato pie into a business?  Is it the time to write that instructional manual on what you did every day at work? (Then sell it to your old company because they always knew you were the expert).  Is it time to take a look at all the stuff you have in your house and create an online business to draw people who like what you like together into a buying and selling group?  Or is this the moment you learn to do something you always wanted to do?  God promises us that He will never leave us nor forsake us so those of us who trust Him have nothing to worry about even in a time like this.

Put His blood over your doorpost.  If you look at the history of our people we have made it through (and are making it through) times worst then this.  We have the ability built inside of us to get through every, captivity, beating, whipping, discrimination, racism, and hatred.  So, there is no reason we will not get through another pandemic plague. This time we should make the conscious decision that we will ‘profit in the pandemic.’  How?  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Ask God to use His revealing power to show you the way to move in the midst of a traumatic time like this.  Trust God to lead your paths and promise Him you will follow.   Get away from those that would try to keep you in the pit of this pandemic.  Now is the time to free yourself of some people who have been holding you down. (Blame it on COVID 19). Try it!  You can make your ‘IT IS’ a positive ‘WHAT IT IS.’  Stop looking back to when things go back to normal-look forward to a fantastic, fruitful, future.  With God all things are possible!